UX Copywriter & Content Strategist

Agency | Vibethink

Role | content audit, content strategy, user flows, wireframes, UX copywriting

Client | Locus


Locus partners with leading hospitals to provide remote patient monitoring, extending their reach of care and the connection between hospital and home.

As their partnerships grew, so did their brand objectives. We needed to build a message that would position Locus as a proven solution and funnel users directly to their sales team.


Objective 1 | Evolve the brand identity to match the innovative tech company Locus had become

Objective 2 | Restructure site content to create a cohesive message that aligned with marketing efforts

Objective 3 | Focus UX around Locus’ strengths: real stories, software specs, and scheduling a demo of the product


The content audit determined the foundation of the site messaging and strategy, weeded out redundant information, caught inconsistencies, and influenced the design.


Using the content audit and key personas defined from interviewing stakeholders, we built a content structure with specific user flows to inform site copy and design.


The Physician is motived by real stories that prove product ease of use and the impact on patient quality of life.

The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) is motivated by process – software implementation, day-to-day functionality, patient deployment, tech support, etc.


Working with a UX designer, we built wireframes that reflected site objectives, user flow goals, and real content.


To go along with their rebrand, we decided to create a site introduction that was anthemic and unique.

While writing, I came across an old Locus tweet that inspired what has now become their unofficial tagline.


Success messaging and button copy helped emphasize the primary user flow, achieving an increase in scheduled demos.


Contact overlay.

Success message pushing users to schedule a demo.

Schedule a demo overlay.


Shifting our attention to content and its power to drive objectives, we utilized every screen in the experience to push “schedule a demo.”


Writing case studies based on white papers and news articles – already being used in sales pitches – showcased Locus in real world application, providing a sense of proof when they lacked quantitative metrics.


Increased contact | Locus has seen a major spike in meetings scheduled through the site. They recently added a Director of Sales to their team to help with business growth.

Increased partnerships | After the rebrand, Locus expanded their services to 7 major cities including Chicago, Houston, Nashville, and Toronto.