UX Copywriter & Content Strategist
TM Hero.png

Agency | Vibethink

Role | brand voice, copywriting, user testing, research

Client | Tree Matrix


Tree Matrix uses a complex algorithm to predict the survivability of a tree during construction in a simple tool for users of varying levels to use.

The founders needed a brand identity before introducing their product. Our team utilized market research, conducted user interviews and tests, and developed many iterations to provide not only an identity, but a guide to create under.


Objective 1 | Start from scratch with a one of kind product

Objective 2 | Create a brand guide that would serve other agencies and content creators

Objective 3 | Define what success looked like


I transformed user insights from a market study (left) into human-driven stories (right) to help future content creators empathize with the audience they’re trying to reach.


Brand guides should communicate what it sounds, looks, and feels like to represent the brand. These words help content creators understand how to connect copy back to the brand’s personality.


In this section, we lay out how the brand voice always remaining the same, while the tone shifts based on user touchpoints.


The goal for our tagline was to explain the product further, resonate with our audience, give an anthemic vibe. After many iterations and user testing (see below), we landed on our final draft.

Tagline TM.png

When it was down to 2 taglines and we couldn’t decide, we ran a preference test using participants a local architecture firm.

Users were asked to choose between the two options, then answer a few follow up questions. When the results came in too close to call, we used the written response to build out a pros and cons list for each tag.


To followup, we put together our reasons why one tag stood out more than the other, dissecting and connecting it back to the brand ethos.