UX Copywriter & Content Strategist

Agency | Vibethink

Role | UX copywriting, content strategy, wireframes

Client | The MOOseum


The MOOseum – a museum about, you guessed it, cows – approached us asking for creative solutions to increase the number of visitors signing up for their newsletter in the exhibit.

Our team decided to build an interactive experience that provided users with a payoff in exchange for their contact information.


Objective 1 | Increase users signing in to exhibit

Objective 2 | Grow the museum’s newsletter

Objective 3 | Cater to audiences of all ages


Paired with a designer, we mapped out the entire experience, accounting for all major pages as well as screens that could enhance the experience.


It was important to keep form labels outside of fields so users could always see the prompt, keeping directions clear and maintaining accessibility.


Error messages adapted the playful brand voice while presenting a directness in tone, helping users understand how to resolve the issue rather than further confuse them.


If visitors left the kiosk idle or decided to exit the experience, we provided conformational copy to ensure users were ok closing.


Once a visitor sent a postcard, their friend would receive an invitation link to view the postcard via email. We provide recipients the opportunity to also subscribe to the museum newsletter in an effort to increase subscription numbers.